Thank you for viewing CEH's Ditching Disposables: A Toolkit for Healthier Foodware in K-12 Schools

Acknowledgments This toolkit was written by Elijah Butterfield, Ben Schleifer, and Sue Chiang. We would like to give special acknowledgement to contributions made by Gerard Legaspi, Laura Szabados, Patricia Clark, Ashley Iwanaga, Lanie Goldberg, and Nancy Deming (Oakland Unified School District, CA/RecycleSmart/Altamont Education Advisory), and to the designer Monica White. We would like to thank the following contributors for their thoughtful review and/or input on issues discussed in this toolkit: Amanda Halte (Striving for Zero Waste), Andrea Gottlieb, Ann Blake, Ph.D. (Environmental & Public Health Consulting), Annalisa Belliss (Alameda County StopWaste), Anne Hulick (Clean Water Action Connecticut), Cassie Bartholomew (Alameda County StopWaste), Grace Lee (Rethink Disposable CA), Hugo Gregoire (Alameda County StopWaste), Julie DesChamps (Waste Free Greenwich), Mari Jackson (Sustainable Trumbull), Tammy Thornton (Wilton Go Green), Virginia D. Walton (Town of Mansfield, CT)

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